Stormy has one of the finest pedigrees on the farm.  She carries Egyptian King and Rhotens Little Dandy on her sire's side and her dam goes back to Yellow Diamond Little Feather.  Her sire, NFC's Candy Dandy has several National Driving titles.  Stormy is a typey silver bay roan mare who stands right at 34".  She is built to be a driving horse, but an injury as a newborn ended her driving career before it even started.  Stormy is my heart.  She comes when she is called and she lets me lead her around by her forelock.  Stormy is some great producer, getting an udder the size of a soccer ball.  She always waits for me to be present before she lies down to deliver her yearly foal.  Stormy is my favorite and she also has a forever home here.  Not for sale.
Blueprints Dandy Diva  2001 AMHA/AMHR
Blessed Are The Broodmares
Stocklins Radiant Joy    2000  AMHA/AMHR
Misty Rose Irish Magic    2002   AMHA/AMHR  
Stocklins Dandys Stormy Daisy 1996 AMHA/AMHR
COH Cricket  2005 AMHA 
NHF Blondie Boys Style   1998   AMHA
Blueprints Little Bluebelle  2006 AMHA 
Blueprints Little Miss Independence 2005 AMHA/AMHR
Blueprints Tickled Pink   2004 AMHR 
Blueprints Lady Hawk  2002 AMHA/AMHR
Blueprints Mia Louisa   2004 AMHA/AMHR
Blueprints Chief Tommy Hawk X Stocklin Dandys Stormy Daisy 
Diva is as nice a mare as anyone could ask for.  She stands 33" tall and is AMHA and AMHR registered.  She was the first foal for her sire, Tommy, and she inherited his calm, friendly personality.  She was also the first foal for her dam who is a daughter of NFC Candy Dandy, an AMHA national driving champion by Rhotens Little Dandy. As a newborn, Diva was truly a "pocket pony", preferring to follow me around over staying near her dam. She passes this super friendly demeanor on to her foals.  See foal page for photos. SOLD!  Congratulations Maureen!
Little Kings Ray of Sun X Blueprints Hallelujah
Joy IS a joy. She is a daughter of our wonderful former herd sire, Ray.  She is a 32.75" dark bay mare with a bright future ahead of her.  She is the dam of Blueprints Little Miss Independence and we sure are pleased with what she produces.  In 2007 she gave us a colt by Little Kings Junior Justice.  In 2008 she gave us a "cookie cutter" of the prior year's foal except this one was a filly.  Joy is "worth her weight" to our breeding program.  Check out the current foal's page to see Joy's 2013 foal, a gorgeous palomino colt. Not for sale.
JSW Rowdys After Dark X Blueprints Little Blue Rosebud
Oh, how excited we were to see this little filly enter the world.  Bella was born June 23, 2006, the first foal for Blueprint's Little Blue Rosebud.  Her sire is by Grosshill EK Creations Rowdy Lover, a 27.5" black pinto AMHA National Champion Senior Stallion, out of Little Kings Buckeroos Elegant Miss, a palomino National reserve halter mare and a Buckeroo daughter.  Bella is tiny, compact, with a gorgeous dished head and wide blaze.  She has a definite "look at me" attitude and should be successful as a senior show mare.  At 3 years of age, Bella measured only 29 inches tall.   Bella has been leased.
NFCs Candy Dandy X Stocklins Feathers Daisy Crow
Blueprints Chief Tommy Hawk X Blueprints You Are My Sunshine
Blueprints Jazz Master Louis X Blueprints Dandy Diva
Little Kings Ray of Sun X Marydales Katiepoo
Blueprints Chief Tommy Hawk X Stocklins Radiant Joy
Sage Bullet Buckeroos Champagne X Incognito Maserati
Blueprints Buxom Blonde and Blueprints Little Hickory Smoke

Yet another Ray daughter out of a beautiful mare who is 3 times Flying W Farms Little Blue Boy bred.  Rosebud is the dam of 2006 sorrel mare, Bella, and 2008 palomino filly, Honeybun.  These are both exceptional examples of tiny miniature horses. Neither will mature over 28".  In 2010 she had another tiny filly, this one is smokey black.  Rosebud was bred back to Justice for 2011 foal and she gave us a lovely buckskin filly, her 4th foal, and 4th filly in a row!  She broke her filly streak in 2013 by delivering a beautiful palomino colt.  Only because I must reduce the size of my herd, Rosebud is being offered for sale. She is one fabulous producer!   $1200.00

This nice bay mare was bought as part of a driving team along with Fancy Princess listed below.   However, I don't have a double harness or anything to hitch a team to so I decided to offer her for sale.  Her pedigree is filled with well knowns, such as Hemlock Brooks Egyptian King and Rowdy.  This is a very sweet and friendly little mare.  She is only 31" tall.  Style and her sister, Fancy, need to go to a home that has the time and ability to drive them.  They are going to waste here.  (Style and Fancy are on loan to a horse-woman with 2 young grandsons who are enjoying horses their size)
Red, as she is known around here, is an elegant, refined, dark chestnut mare with well known bloodlines.  She is correct and smooth bodied with the most gorgeous head and big eye.  She is the deepest chestnut color I have ever seen on a miniature horse.  She delivered a beautiful palomino filly in May 2013.  Red is a delightful mare in every way.  Buy her now and breed her your way for 2015.  $1200.00
Goforths, Fisher, Stout, Flying W, and Dell Tera are just a few of the names that appear on this mare's extensive pedigree. Her sire's sire, Little Kings Bullet Buckeroo, is a gorgeous silver bay son of Buckeroo.   Cricket is a young, 32" bay pinto mare with a beautiful head and huge doe eye.  Blueprint Miniatures is extremely excited to have this little mare in our herd.  Cricket's first foal was a tiny, gorgeous buckskin colt.  For sale.  $1200.00
Fallen Ash Scouts Irish Fable X Taylors Magic Moment
Such a tiny little one.  Pinkie is only 29" tall.  She looks like a stuffed animal.  She is a favorite at the local nursery schools and nursing homes.  She is sweet, calm, and so very patient.  Pinkie is a maximum white sabino.  I think her base color is sorrel, as she had some red in her mane as a newborn. Pinkie is as sweet as she is pretty.  She is a favorite of all who meet her.  Not for sale.
What to say about Mia.  She is a character and always into something.  She is the only offspring I have of Blueprint's first foal, Louis.  She is registered bay, but she carries Louis' dun gene, so I guess she is a bay dun.  She has given me 2 exceptional buckskin fillies by Justice and a gorgeous colt by Romeo in 2012.   SOLD
Sissy was the first foal for Sunshine and boy did she do a good job.  Sissy's sire is Tommy Hawk and even though he did not give her his pinto gene nor his crystal blue eyes, Sissy has his build and personality.  She maintains the best stall in the barn, the first one inside the door, where it is her job to welcome all visitors.  She had been shown as both a junior and senior mare.  She was retired to become a broodmare, but alas, we have been unable to get her into foal.  So, she is going to be unretired.  Sissy went to live at Noah's Arc Sanctuary in Trotwood OH.  
Born on the 4th of July, 2005 and fiercely independent since the day she was born, this yearling filly's name sure fits her.  She is the last foal by Blueprints Chief Tommy Hawk as he was gelded shortly after he bred her dam.  Lucky  for me she is a she, and a pinto to boot. Indie has had several foals in prior years.  She was not bred for 2013. Indy has been shown several years in 4-H and loves kids. She had the most gorgeous buckskin pinto colt in June 2014 who will be available upon weaning.   Indy is offered for only $750.00
Commanders Dixie Delight  2005 AMHA
Little Kings Buck Commander X Little Kings Dixie Dreamer
This little mare was added to the herd for her unbelievable pedigree and her sorrel color.  Dixie's sire is the gorgeous Little Kings Buck Commander, lead sire at Olive Branch Farm.  Her dam is a Komokos Little King Supreme daughter.  You know how wonderful the Buckeroo/King Supreme cross is.  Dixie was bred to JSW Redi for Romance for her first foal in May 2011. Boy, was that a good cross.  She gave us a striking sorrel colt who sold as a weanling.  She delivered a gorgeous palomino colt in June, 2013.    SOLD!
NHF Buckeroos Fancy Princess  1999 AMHA
Stocklins Busters Bay Buckeroo X Cottontails Cherry
This 31" solid bay mare was purchased as part of a team.  She can really get under herself and has great drive.  Fancy is low ranking in the broodmare band and would be happier having a home with fewer herdmates.  Please consider Fancy if you would like a sweet, gentle little mare.  Style and Fancy have been leased.  
4 Gs USA Mr Kings Rowdy Lover X C Blondie Boys Shine N Style
I'm For Sale
Mythical Farms Fantasia  1991 AMHA/AMHR
Little Kings Buckwheat  X Stouts Monica Pearl
This little mare was purchased at the final Heritage Sale.  Her sire, Buckwheat, is a perlino which makes Fantasia a smokey black pinto. She had been one of Little King Farm's best producing mares.  In fact, she is the dam of Little Kings Buckeroo Blitz, the yearling filly who sold for a record $80,000 at the 2002 Heritage Sale.  This mare has produced several outstanding foals for Little King Farm.  We have lovingly nicknamed this one "Granny" because she is the oldest and she takes care of all the young ones in the herd.  She has a forever home here at Blueprint Miniatures. Not for sale.
Stocklins Darks 1st Edition Estelle  2006 AMHA/AMHR
Blueprints Teenie Jeannie Jr  2007 AMHA/AMHR
JSW Rowdy After Dark X Blueprints Hallelujah
Little Kings Junior Justice X Blueprints Mia Louisa
Stella was the first foal by JSW Rowdy After Dark.  She is a dark bay with the Pangare gene which gives her that "donkey-like" colored muzzle.  She is now 5 years old, which is hard to believe!  She is a sweetheart of a mare.  Very attentive, very loving, and she seems to get along with everyone in the herd.  She is very correct and is an excellent broodmare.  Stella delivered  a filly by Justice  in 2009. She was smokey black and tiny, with a gorgeous head and huge soft eye. Stella's tiny filly went to Florida.  Lucky little girl.  In Spring 2011, she delivered a full brother to the filly.  He is smokey black and sold as a weanling.  Stella is in foal for a 2014 delivery.  She is not for sale.
This is my dream filly.  Her dam, Mia, is by the very first Blueprint foal, Blueprints Jazz Master Louis, who goes back to Komokos Little King Supreme and her dam goes back to Rhoten's Little Dandy.  And, of course, her sire, Justice, is triple bred Buckeroo.  She was the first buckskin Blueprint filly.  Not only is she cute and correct, but she has a great personality.  I named her after the great producing mare, Komokos Teenie Jeannie and was planning on calling her TJ, but she deemed herself a princess and insists on being called Princess.   Princess was carrying a foal by Romeo for 2011.  It was a perlino filly, but sadly, it did not get out of the birth sac.  Such a tragic loss.  We are still waiting for and hoping for Princess's first live foal.  Not for sale.
She may be a little plain, and she may be solid sorrel, but she is long legged without being overly tall, and she is just the right color for producing those golden palominos when bred to a double dilute.  Saw her at a sale when she was just a yearling and knew she had to become part of the Blueprint crew.  She is known as Lucy around here because of her bright red hair.  Lucy delivered her first foal, a cute palomino colt, May 2009.  Lucy gave us a "cookie cutter repeat, full brother in June  2011. Then early May 2013 she gave us a palomino filly by Justice.  Lucy was not bred for 2014.  Buy her now and breed her your way for 2015.  $850.00  
Manipulators Touch Gold X Lucky Four Smokes Sahara
    by AMHA National Ch. NFCs Manipulator
Rogers HSR Manipulators Oasis  2005 AMHA
Little Kings Ray of Sun X Mythical Farms Blue Dawn
Blueprints Little Blue Rosebud  2002 AMHA 
Boones Buckeroos Classy  2005 AMHA
Little King LKB Buckeroo Dream X Tabithas Boones Little Tinkertoy 
She carries Boones Little Buckeroo in her pedigree no less than 4 times.  Her sire is the beautiful LKB Buckeroo Dream, pinto buckskin son of Buckeroo. She was purchased October 2008 from Little King Farm carrying a foal by Little Kings Little Buckeroo (aka Junior).  This was a much anticipated foal.  Sadly, the birth was unattended and the foal, a sorrel pinto filly, never got out of the birth sac.  What a loss!   Classy is a lovely, young mare with her whole future ahead of her.  Classy has carried two foals, both fillies, to term only to have 2 unattended births and dead foals found still inside birth sacs.  She deserves a home where she can be closely watched and loved.  She was not bred for 2014 so buy her now and breed her to your stallion for 2015.  $1000.00 
Blueprints Honey Buck N Blue Jr  2008 AMHA
Little Kings Junior Justice X Blueprints Little Blue Rosebud 
This one is a real "cutie-patootie"!!  Honeybun was the 1st Blueprint Minis palomino and boy were we excited!  She was born so tiny and delicate!  And, she had cataplexy and would pass out when she was startled!   She had her first trip to the OSU Veterinary Hospital at only a few days old.  She checked out as 100% o.k. and quickly outgrew her fainting episodes.  I guess over the years this tiny mare has just been spoiled to death because she truly believes she is 16 hands tall.  At 3 years old, she is only 28".   She never will be big enough to be bred. She is being offered for sale for someone who really likes the tiny, tiny minis.    SOLD!!!!!.
Blueprints Buck Beloved Jr  2008 AMHA/AMHR
Little Kings Junior Justice X Stocklins Radiant Joy 
Even though she is half sister to Honeybuns above, she is polar opposite.  Little Amy is long and lean with a tiny head and huge doe eye.  She is the most gorgeous buckskin color.  She is now a "mature mare".  I held off breeding her because I really want to get her into the show ring.  Sadly, Amy carried a foal to term in April 2013 but it was an unattended birth and the filly, a buckskin, did not get out of the birth sac.    So sorry, Amy.   Not for sale.   
I'm For Sale

AMHA/AMHR registered             
Blueprints Dirty Dianthus Jr    2011  AMHA
Little Kings Junior Justice X Blueprints Little Blue Rosebud
Little Kings Sterling Splendor  2008     AMHA
COH Sterling Buckeroo X Little Kings Splendora
We call her Dirty Diana.  She is a hit where ever she goes.  Most recently she visited over 50 patients at two Hospice Houses.  She was so well behaved and seemed to truly enjoy giving and receiving attention to the patients and their families.   Diana is going to stay small.  She has a pedigree full of National Champion horses. DD is ready to become part of your broodmare band.  Get her now and breed her to your favorite stallion for a 2015 foal.  You won't be sorry.  SOLD!!
Bambi is striking!   She is deep silver bay with a silver mane and tail.  She is long legged and refined with a tiny head.  She has several crosses of Buckeroo on her long pedigree including being granddaughter of Little Kings Buckeroo Baccarra, world champion halter horse.   Bambi had an unattended birth in July 2014 and lost a gorgeous, tiny silver bay filly.  It was obviously a difficult delivery.  Bambi was not rebred in 2014.  $800
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