Bad Boy Bailey
Dear Lord, Please help me!  I've become the "crazy cat lady". 

Female Terrier
Mix Rescue
17 year old Jack Russell Terrier
Runs the household
Lily's mom
April 1995-April 5, 2012
JRT 17 year old "grumpy old man"!
Growled at Everything!  Blind in left eye, couldn't see out of the right.  Didn't hear too well either. 
Daddy to Lily
Jack Russell Terrier
13 year old "baby girl".
She was my Heart!
The sweetest creature
God ever put on the Earth!  Now she's with HIM!
Born right into my hands.  
Loved to hunt and chase her tennis ball. 
Went  for "rides" on the minis tails as they'd run by. 
Bailey was a rescue JRT who lived up to his name every day.  He was constantly in trouble and had pee'd on everything in the house. But his eyes and heart were filled with unconditional love.  
Blueprint's Other Animal Friends
Jack Russell "Terror"
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Caruso - 3 yr old neutered male DSH
Blueprints Ray of Sun
2006 Max White Sabino gelding    AMHR
I know he's not an "other" critter, but I didn't know where else to put him.  Marshal, short for Marshmallow, was born here then nearly died at weaning time.  After many hours of nursing him back to health, it was clear he had a "forever" home here.  He is the favorite of the neighborhood children, and he makes rounds at the local nursing homes.  He is a good example of just "what a mini is good for". 
May 8, 2008
Rest in Peace Little Man. 
You are truly missed.
November 1993 - September 4, 2010
October 28, 1997 - May 29, 2010
Bindi is 4 years old and spayed.  She is loving and gentle but selectively deaf.  
Andy - 3 yr old neutered male DSH
Mona - 4 yr old spayed female DSH
Opal - 3 yr old spayed female DSH
Goldie - 4 year old, spayed DSH
Mama to Andy and Caruso
Stewie- 2 year old neutered male DSH. Stewie fell in love with the next door neighbors English mastiff and moved in with him.  
The "latest" additions to the cat family.  Gabby at left and Fanny at right were dumped at 5 weeks on a rural country road. Lucky for them a kind soul came along and rescued them.  They are now  lovely young ladies.  Both have been spayed.
Jack Russell Terrier Mix
Spayed Female Rescue
Lived with me for several years but never stopped waiting for her "mommy and daddy" to return for her
RIP: April 28, 2013
Saw her beautiful smiling face on Petfinders.  Learned that she had spent over a month living on concrete at the shelter.  Went immediately and brought her home.  She is a happy, gentle dog.  Full of energy and smiles.
4 year old  Terrier Mix
Spayed female
Adopted Oct 2011
1 year old boer nanny goat.  Rejected at birth due to only having one eye. 
She was bottle raised and lived with a "pack" of dogs.  She is much more dog-like than goat-like.  She is a spoiled brat.
Bad Boy Bailey